Eagle Feather

The Great Eagle Feather promotes recognition of shared accomplishments between parent and child.

There are 17 Feathers that appear below on the Eagle Patch on the Guides/Princesses vest.

The Patch Store sells the Eagle Feather awards and each feather must be cut out of the patch. The Chief of the Tribe or Dad decides when the feathers are given to a guide or princess.

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Below are the 17 feathers and how to obtain them:

  1. White with Red Tip: recite the 7 AIMS
  2. White with Blue Tip: recruit a new brave into the program
  3. Blue and Black Stripe: know and recite given and Indian names of all other braves in tribe
  4. Green with White Tip: complete a major piece of tribal property tom-tom, chest, etc.
  5. Yellow with Red Tip: display a tribal handcraft at a public function
  6. Brown and White Stripe: awarded when brave has attended 3 nation events
  7. Red with Black Tip: perfect attendance at Tribe meeting for an entire year
  8. Green with Black Tip: complete a parent/child Indian handcraft which is not a meeting project
  9. Yellow with Black Tip: visit another tribe meeting or activity and present report to own tribe
  10. White with Brown Tip: complete a nature project and display and explain it at a tribal meeting
  11. Black and Yellow Stripe: complete one term as Tribal or Nation officer
  12. Black and Red Stripe: participate in community charitable or good-will project other than program community day
  13. Red and White Stripe: visit a local community point of interest and report back to the tribe
  14. Blue and White Stripe: describe a hobby or responsibility of pet care to the tribe
  15. Black and White Stripe: present a report about the history of the tribe, tribe chief, or a famous event in tribe history.
  16. Green and Black Stripe: open feather to be determined by the tribe or form alternative list below
    1. Recite the meaning of the headband and its symbols
    2. Recite names of Indian months
    3. Memorize and draw (12) Indian symbols
    4. Use Indian sign language to tell a short story
    5. Learn about 10 tools safety care and use
    6. Learn basic first aid for small cuts, burns and skin irritations
  17. Eagle Feather: White feather with the black tip. Awarded when all other feathers have been earned. Eagle Feather award is given at the Spring Campout.


Eagle Feather indian guides 17 feathers


Eagle Feather large image

Eagle Feather Patch can be purchased from The Patch Store. When you receive the patch it includes the Eagle Feather and all the feathers as one patch (see below). Cutout the Eagle Feather award patch and all the feathers.

Eagle Feather Patch patch store


The Eagle Feathers as they appear on the Seneca and IL North vests:



The Eagle Feather Award for those who complete all the feathers: