Guides and Princesses photos

Historical Photo link 1950-2010

Photos below are from 2011-2018


Fall 2018 Guides Fall, Campout White Pines State Park

Summer 2018 Urban Trampoline 


Summer 2018 Crystal Lake Car Show

Spring 2018 Guides Campout 


Spring 2018 Princess Campout


Spring 2018 Memorial Day Parade Crystal Lake


Spring 2018 Nation Pizza Party

Spring 2018 Pinewood Derby


Spring 2018 Crystal Lake Cleanup on Earth Day


Winter 2018 Battle House Laser Tag


Winter 2018 Wilmot Tubing


Winter 2018 Father Daughter Dance


Winter 2018 Princesses winter campout


Winter 2018 Guides winter campout


Winter 2017 Salvation Army Bell Ringing


Winter 2017 Crystal Lake Festival of Lights Parade


Fall 2017 Culvers Fundraiser


Fall 2017 Haunted Trail


Fall 2017 Princesses Campout

Shawnee fall 2017


Fall 2017 Indian Guides Campout


Summer 2017 Blast at the Beach


Spring 2017  Indian Guides Campout


Pinewood Derby 2017


Winter 2017 Indian Guides Campout


Winter 2016 Festival of Lights Parade


Fall 2016 Indian Guides Campout


Fall 2016 Indian Princesses Campout


Spring 2016 Indian Guides Campout


Winter 2016 Battle House Indian Guides and Princesses

Battle House Guides 2016


Winter 2016 Indian Guides Campout


Winter 2016 Indian Princesses Campout

girls winter 2016


Spring 2015 Indian Princesses Campout


Winter 2015 Princesses Cardboard Regatta


Winter 2014 Indian Guides Campout


Winter 2014 Indian Princesses Campout


Winter 2014 Pinewood Derby


Fall 2012 Indian Guides Campout


Spring 2012 Indian Guides Campout


Winter 2011 Indian Princesses and Guides Campout


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Historical Indian Guides and Princesses Pictures Crystal Lake IL 1950-2010